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Rachel Uchitel to come clean about Tiger Woods’ affair

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Im a quiet person who likes reading and have never shagged Tiger Woods. Riiiiight.

"I'm a quiet person who likes reading and have never shagged Tiger Woods". Riiiiight.

I promise this will be the last Tiger Woods update for awhile unless something really juicy hits the news. If you’ve been following the tale, we heard the other day that one of the women named as Tiger Woods’ lover was denying the story, claiming that she was a quiet person who liked dogs and baking. Or something.

Anyway, Rachel Utimel (for it is she) is holding a press conference today where she is expected to basically admit that she was a lying little minx when she said that.

We’ve got mixed feelings about all of this. Tiger Woods has undoubtedly contributed to the sheer size of this story with his sphinx-like silence on his personal life down the years. We can’t think of a single person of his profile and public presence about whom we know less. He broke down racial barriers in golf and made the whole sport sexy. Or sexier, anyway.

By being so closed, he only served to fuel speculation as soon as the merest chink of innuendo was attached to his name. To put it another way, no-one would have cared if say Joey Barton was in another fight. It’s what we expect. Had Woods adopted a less saintly and aloof manner in his early days, then maybe we’d all just be shrugging right now.

He was also stupid. Few people manage to get away with affairs. Fewer still when one of the parties is famous. Even if love and jealousy doesn’t lead to betrayal, tabloid cheque books and the lure of the chatshow sofa tends to smoke out one party eventually. According to reports, he was so indiscreet as to even use his regular phone to take her calls, which ultimately aroused his wife’s suspicions when she saw his dialled numbers and voicemails.

Well duh, Tiger, you could afford another phone!

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January 14, 2010

Like all celebrities who “get into trouble”, Tiger Woods is going to “Rehab”. A sex addiction rehab that is!

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