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Adulteress Nicola Confesses her Naughty Hotel Habits

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I smiled at myself from behind the marbled topped counter of the reception desk at the Empire Hotel. I felt satisfied and ready to spend. Alexander had been a fun time, and he had packed plenty of spending money for the city. That spending money was mine now of course. Not to say I didn’t earn it. It has become a bit of a passion for me to lure restless businessmen from their rooms into whatever hotel suite is not booked for the night for a quick romp. I am always gone by the time they wake up, meaning they never have to feel obligation. It also means that they rarely notice their designer items, golden rings, or petty cash is missing as well as I am. And even if they did notice, I only choose men who wear certain rings. These rings are found on the third finger of the left hand, and offer an additional insurance policy that no man would risk being exposed over untraceable cash. Yes, I know my mark well. At least I knew my mark well. Until my mark became a man named John.It was a slow day at the Empire the first time John walked in. John approached the reception desk and I was taken aback. His jet black hair and olive tanned skin simply didn’t match his alluring turquoise eyes. The deepset jewels of his face were the color of the Carribean sea. He was beyond georgous, and though he lacked the necessity of a wedding band his musclar 6 foot 5 frame more than made up for it. As he strode toward me I felt my breath quicken and my cheeks flush. Whoever this traveler was, tonight he was taking a trip to Nicola’s world. I quickly searched the database for available suites. The Presidential was available. Perfect.”Hello, sir,” I said as I smiled and looked up from beneath my long lashes at the beautiful stranger, “Can I do something to make your stay at the Empire more memorable today?”

“Yes,” began the perfectly shaped mouth, ” My name is John Samples and I am here to….”

“Check into the Presidential Suite.” I interupted the man’s message. His original room placement just a formality, and time was a wasting. I quickly grabbed the corresponding key card and used the spiked heel of my black stilleto to slide my panties down my leg and onto the floor. It’s a trick that i’ve learned can come in very useful for elevator trips anywhere above floor 6.

I pursed her lips and batted my jade eyes, “This room comes with VIP check in sir. If you’ll come with me, it will be my pleasure to show you to the room … And your pleasure once we get there.” Usually this sort of forward advance raised a blushed cheek or passionate streak in the eyes from men. I was surprised to see that John simply looked at me and asked, “Will you please have the bellhop bring my luggage up tomorrow morning, then?” The game was on, and I knew it.

What I didn’t expect however, was that this time I was not in the driver’s seat at all. John and I barely made it to the elevator before he slid his hand up the back of my thigh and under my skirt. As the elevator doors closed he slammed my body hard against the back wall and lifted my body to sit on the golden bar that wrapped the inside of the elevator. I thrust my thighs open and allowed his hands to wander up my thighs to the inside of my legs and into me. I was being used. I liked the change. I grabbed on the lapels of his collar and tossed my head back in pleasure.

We staggered out of the elevator and down the coridor to the Presidential as if no one could see us. I hope someone did though. It was quite a show to have no one witness. John advanced on the door and backed me into the suite effortlessly. By now I had managed to un-button his shirt and began fumbeling with his belt. John made me look like a school girl with no experience though as he slid my top off with one hand and finished slipping his belt and pants off with the other. He was clearly no stranger to this sort of encounter. There was no time for the bed, or even the plush easy chair I preffered in this suite. John pushed me down onto the floor of the foyer and urgently climbed on top of me.

My head was left spinning, and my body shaking for hours after. I had finally been bested by a man who snuck out of the suite before I found the self control to rob him. Once I gathered myself and headed back downstairs, I was shocked to see a dashing new bellhop in uniform. Turns out John was the one who would be delivering my abandoned luggage from now on.

Thursday, November 17th, 2011 Real Life Adultery Stories

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September 19, 2012

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